Diversity at the Partnership Level … A Long Journey

You don’t have to look far to see that partnership ranks still are glaringly non-diverse.  Even firms that make significant efforts to recruit minorities and women face scrutiny when their partnership classes remain prominently white and male.  A latest example is highlighted here, although it is unreasonable to single out any one firm for such more…

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Brand Channels and Your Headshot

A good headshot is really an important “brand channel” to reach others.  How often do you look at someone’s LinkedIn profile to figure out who to look for when attending a professional event? Your headshot is often the  first “connection” you can make.  I recently updated my 15 year old picture with the help of more…

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Sheila Murphy Joins WOMN LLC as Chief Leadership & Talent Officer

WOMN is pleased to announce that that former Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel of MetLife, Sheila Murphy, will join WOMN LLC, as Chief Leadership & Talent Officer effective January 7, 2019. Most recently, Sheila headed the Retail and Regulatory legal group at MetLife, a Fortune 50 organization. At MetLife, Sheila also was executive sponsor more…

Tracy O’Flaherty joins WOMN LLC as Partner and SVP of Programming & Development

WOMN LLC is pleased to announce that that former Vice President, Associate General Counsel of Baxter International, Inc., Tracy O’Flaherty, will join WOMN as a partner effective July 6, 2018. Most recently, Tracy headed the global litigation, employment and benefits department of Baxter Healthcare Corporation, a Fortune 250 company. At Baxter, Tracy not only led more…

ABA Study: Gender and Racial Bias Remains Widespread

One would have hoped that by this time male and female attorneys would be on par for career advancement.  Although hope springs eternal, women and minority attorneys find that the road to success continues to be rocky and sometimes illusive. See the link, below, to the ABA publication discussing a recent survey conducted by the more…

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Life after being GC – Planning and Passion

C-Suite executives often find themselves at loose ends after they no longer serve in their corporate roles.  For Marla, however, the path post-GC was planned and continues to evolve.  The following article contains suggestions from Marla and several former GC’s. How GCs Struggle (And Succeed) After Retirement “People treat it like they don’t want to more…

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WOMN Video: Risk Taking, Strong Women and Likeability

Debbie Epstein Henry, DEH, speaks with Marla Persky, founder of WOMN LLC, about what makes a successful woman tick.  Chicago, December 2017 Taking Risks:   Being  Strong Without Alienating Others:   Likeability and Leadership:

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WOMN Video: Networking, Mentoring, Asking for Business

Debbie Epstein Henry, DEH, speaks with Marla Persky, founder of WOMN LLC, about what makes a successful woman tick.   New York, November, 2017 On the Importance of Networking:   Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship:   Asking for Business:

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Too Busy to Think

We all are bombarded with information and things to do. I find time in the car is a valuable refuge, allowing me the opportunity to listen to books I don’t have the time to read, music to calm my inner beast, and listen to podcasts that give me the chance to really listen to and more…

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WOMN Co-founder in Corporate Counsel Business Journal

The March/April issue of Corporate Counsel Business Journal features a wide-ranging interview with WOMN’s co-founder Marla Persky. Headlined “Many Roads, One Role for Board Members: Business Advisor,” the article gives Marla a platform to discuss corporate governance and how women can become members of corporate boards. Click on the headline or use the link below more…

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