Our 12 Month Mentoring Program

WOMN LLC offers a year-long program providing high performing female senior associates and junior partners with the tools and connections to improve their business and leadership acuity.  Marla, Debbie, Sheila and Tracy leverage their collective wisdom in teaching the participants the necessary skills,  provides real networking opportunities to practice them and furnishes a roadmap for program participants to create their own pathway to success. The program is offered in Chicago and New York City, as well as virtually.  The Chicago and NYC programs have shifted to virtual due to COVID, however, we will shift back to in-person activities once it is safe to do so.  In addition to our in-person programs, we offer a virtual program for women outside of the Chicago and NYC geographies.

Components of the program include:

One on One Mentoring: Participants are matched with a female General Counsel, Deputy General Counsel or Associate General Counsel for one-on-one mentoring.

Common Themes Report:   We conduct feedback interviews on each participant and produce a common themes report. The report highlights the participants’ strengths and opportunities to hone their management, business development, and leadership skills. The participants use this as a launching point for working with their mentors and as a focal point for their discussions.

Monthly small group mentoring sessions: Participants meet to discuss a broad range of topics, including but not limited to, branding, networking, client development, and understanding financial drivers. The Chicago sessions are led by Tracy O’Flaherty and the NYC sessions by Sheila Murphy.  Marla Persky and Debbie Holzman also participate in the sessions as support and subject matter experts.

Quarterly Meet & Greets: Participants have the opportunity to practice business generation and networking skills in a “safe” environment with other participants in the program and their corporate mentors. Each Meet & Greet will include a speaker on entertaining business topics, as well as drinks and appetizers (once we revert to live events.)  In the remote environment, we hold virtual meetings with break-out sessions that enable participants and attendees from the in-house legal community to interact and build connections.

Individualized Development Plans: Each participant will create targeted goals for expanding and/or using business skills, both at the beginning of the year-long program and at its conclusion. Each plan is created with the input of the participant, key contacts from the participant’s law firm, and Sheila Murphy (NYC), Tracy O’Flaherty (Chicago) and Marla Persky (all programs).

Participants for Life: We strongly believe that while a mentee’s program participation may end, she continues to be an essential community member. We invite former participants to networking events and continue to field questions and provide help long after the formal sessions end. Additionally, many of the cohorts continue to meet and speak regularly, providing assistance and support as well as friendship, as they continue expanding and nurturing their networks

Upon completing the 12-month program, each participant will better understand the business of law. She will have honed her networking skills and feel confident as a rainmaker and leader within her law firm.

For more information, please contact Sheila Murphy at sheila.murphy.fi@gmail.com; Tracy O’Flaherty at tracy@womnllc.com or tracy@xxcelconsultingllc.com.com; Marla Persky at marla@womnllc.com; or Debbie Goodman Holzman at debbie@womnllc.com.