Our ‘Getting to the Ask’ Program

WOMN LLC’s “Getting to the Ask” program provides training on consultative skills necessary for successful business generation. We offer a four step approach to business development customized for your law firm. Our program’s primary goal is raising the confidence and skill level of female senior associates and junior partners in generating business.

Program Description: This interactive business development training program teaches consultative selling techniques utilizing group discussion, role-playing, script writing, practicing the techniques being taught, and providing constructive feedback. We highly recommend implementing the “Getting to the Ask” training in three half-day modules over a three-month period of time. The three module three month program gives participants time to put into practice what they learned in prior modules, and provides the opportunity to discuss their experiences in the next session.

Program Instructors: Participants are taught by Marla Persky, former General Counsel at Boehringer Ingelheim USA and Baxter International, and Debra Goodman Holzman, an expert in business development training. Together, Marla and Debra provide a unique combination of perspectives — a former General Counsel, providing insight into a prospective client’s viewpoint when being solicited for business, and a seasoned trainer in consultative selling techniques.

Program Results: Utilizing a very interactive approach helps translate teaching into action. A primary goal of the program is to ingrain good business development habits into the participants’ everyday activities. Our philosophy of “practice, practice, practice” utilizing real-life scenarios from the participants will change behavior of those participants who are looking for opportunities to grow into better business generators and firm leaders.

Program Follow-up (upon request): After your attorneys complete the training, we provide additional “as needed” coaching for important or difficult business development situations, to continue reinforcing approaches and techniques.