Coaching, Mentoring and Other Services

WOMN LLC offers a range of coaching, mentoring and consulting services to individuals, as well as  law firms and in-house legal departments.

Coaching & Mentoring

Marla Persky works with general counsel, those who wish to become general counsel and those in career transition.  As a former general counsel, Marla is able to lend an experienced and sympathetic ear to current sitting general counsel.  The GC position is a lonely one … to whom do you go for advice, to share ideas, get feedback and benchmark?  Marla listens, advises and shares from her own experiences as a general counsel, experienced  board member, C-Suite executive and law department leader.  Additionally, for those in transition, Marla helps you identify your personal brand and hone the networking skills necessary to land your next position.  Finally, for those aspiring to become general counsel, Marla coaches you on what it takes to be successful in the role – from presenting yourself and thinking about yourself as do successful general counsel to creating a strategy to obtain a GC position and defining steps to implement that strategy. Marla draws on her experiences as General Counsel for two multi-billion dollar international companies and as a member of both public and private company boards of directors to help you create a disciplined, planned approach to your transition to the GC role.

Consulting Services

Law Firms – Delighting the customer is the hallmark of a successful attorney. WOMN LLC helps the firm develop approaches to being the “go to” option for its clients. Additionally, we help design and create internal mentoring programs that will work in your particular firm setting. We develop customized training programs to fit the requirements of your firm. These tailored programs include training on:

  • Understanding Client Business and Financial Drivers
  • Networking Effectively to Generate Business
  • Lawyer Branding to Generate Business
  • Effective Leadership

In-House Services – WOMN LLC works with in-house legal departments on organizational optimization, team building, transforming the legal department into valued business partners and helping the legal department operate as a business driver.