Diversity at the Partnership Level … A Long Journey

You don’t have to look far to see that partnership ranks still are glaringly non-diverse.  Even firms that make significant efforts to recruit minorities and women face scrutiny when their partnership classes remain prominently white and male.  A latest example is highlighted here, although it is unreasonable to single out any one firm for such scrutiny as the problem is systemic: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/27/us/paul-weiss-partner-diversity-law-firm.html. But the attention this firm received is a reminder that we have a long way to go to achieve equity within law firms.

WOMN LLC recognizes the complexity of retaining top talent women and minorities in BigLaw and offers a 12-month mentoring program designed to teach women business development and networking, which are necessary attributes to succeed in the business of law.  Put simply, “She who has her own book of business or the right connections within her firm to network effectively has more control over her future success.”  These are skills that can be learned and honed and WOMN LLC is focused on developing the next generation of women leaders and rainmakers.

If you are interested in learning more about WOMN LLC, participating in the New York or Chicago twelve-month mentoring program, or are a law firm wishing to sponsor a top-talent female partner or senior associate for this program, please reach out to Marla Persky (marla@womnllc.com), Tracy O’Flaherty (tracy@womnllc.com) (for Chicago program), or Sheila Murphy (sheila@womnllc.com) (for New York program).  Together, with commitment, we can succeed.

Here’s what some 2017-2018 participants who completed the 12-month mentoring program in Chicago and New York are saying about WOMN LLC:


The WOMN LLC program has helped me develop a more systematic approach to networking and business development.  I now set specific benchmarks and deadlines for contacting BD targets and have a more comprehensive toolkit.


I am much more focused on business development issues than I was a year ago.  While I spent some time on business development before, I was more focused on just doing good work on my current matter and was not giving independent business development the attention I should have been.  Now I spend time doing something for business development each day and I am more thoughtful about my potential targets for business development, networking, and follow-up.

The program has helped me to be more focused and targeted.  It has also provided me with new ways to approach business development and insight into what resonates and is valuable to in-house counsel.

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