Seven Habits of Successful Lawyers

The November 21st edition of Law 360⁰ has a great article written by Keith Goldberg. Unfortunately, I can’t link you to it, but here is the gist of the article which is entitled, “7 Habits of Highly Effective Managing Partners”. The article basically discusses elements of good leadership with a bit of a spin. The seven habits are:

  1. They can think like a businessperson
  2. They put clients first
  3. They are creative strategic thinkers
  4. They have a broad open-door policy
  5. They can build consensus
  6. They are decisive
  7. They stress accountability

I think the habits Mr. Goldberg outlines are essential for everyone – in-house or outside- not just Managing Partners. Good leadership, client service, and strategic thinking are required for success at all levels of legal practice.

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