Greater New York Chapter: Networking Events Calendar

Networking Events


Date Speaker Topic
03/25/2015 Ira Joe Fisher Connecting with Audiences
06/16/2015 Susan Livingston Effortless Entertaining
09/09/2015 Susan Sneider Networking
11/30/2015 Deborah Monroe Emotional Intelligence
03/02/2016 Kim Jensen Financial Planning
06/02/2017 Susan Sneider Networking
09/13/2016 Barrett Avigdor Happiness & Success
11/30/2016 Amy Smalarz Living Intentionally
04/05/2017 Jan Nolte Influential Presence
06/19/2017 Susan Sneider Networking
09/25/2017 Tania Sterl Dressing to Lead
11/16/2017 Debbie Epstein Henry Marla Persky Interview
04/10/2018 Wendy Barasch &
Tara Thompson Popernik
Retirement Planning
 06/21/2018 Jennifer Raab & Marla Perksy Getting and Being on Corporate Board of Directors
09/20/2018 Jan Nolte  Being Memorable:  Generating the WOW Factor
12/6/2018 Alyssa Peek  How to Pose for Pictures and Improve Your Presence On and Off Camera

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