Use Your So-Called ‘Dark Traits’ … in Moderation

Can manipulation, narcissism, and antisocial behavior be a good thing?

Experts say, “yes” — if you’re aware of these traits and use them selectively and wisely. See this article in the Wall Street Journal online:

What Corporate Climbers Can Teach Us

For instance, people with narcissism, who want to be the center of attention, often make a good first impression on clients and bosses, says a 2014 review of more than 140 studies on people with mild, or “subclinical,” levels of dark personality traits. They also can be persuasive when pitching their own ideas.

When these traits dominate your personality, well … that can be another thing entirely. I think the real message is that you need to be your own advocate, take credit when appropriate and use your influencing skills to achieve your goals.


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