Coming Together for Change

By Marla Persky, Debbie Holzman, Tracy O’Flaherty and Sheila Murphy

We watched in horror the death of George Floyd and other members of our community.  Mr. Floyd’s murder is only the most recent example of generations of previous abuses and racism – particularly impactful because it (like the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery and many others) was caught on tape. We feel outrage at the injustice represented by selective law enforcement, unthinkable brutality and governmental response to peaceful demonstrations and citizens’ rights to expression through protest, commentary or voting.

We are living through a very challenging time, and we can only hope it becomes a watershed moment for our country, that leads to greater justice, equality and opportunity for people of color, women, and all underserved members of our society.

But hope is not a plan.

We all have our part to play as citizens to help our communities, the legal profession and our country heal and do better.

What we do matters. What we do can set an example.

  • We must continue to treat each other with kindness and respect.
  • We must continue our efforts to hire, promote and sponsor a more diverse staff.
  • We must ensure that we provide equal benefits and opportunities across the legal profession.
  • We must be good citizens of our communities by speaking up against racism and injustice and most importantly, voting in local, state and federal elections.

But we can do more.  We owe it to you to be the kind of organization that welcomes difficult conversations and fosters a culture where everyone can be heard. Our varied backgrounds and experiences are our greatest source of strength, creativity, and empathy.  What makes WOMN an impactful organization is our shared sense of purpose – to help women and other minorities in the legal profession succeed, lead, and know that what they do has meaning and reward.

At WOMN, we are addressing the disparities that impact women lawyers, regardless of color, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation.  We help both men and women succeed in the business of law.  We serve them through training, mentoring, coaching, and empowerment.

When we come together as a group of professionals we can help with access to legal services, as well as create meaningful career opportunities.  Please join us and ask yourself, “What can I do today to be an instrument for change?”


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