Other Consulting and Training Services

WOMN LLC offers a host of consulting services to both law firms and in-house legal departments. Delighting the customer is the hallmark of a successful attorney. WOMN LLC helps the firm develop approaches to making it the “go to” lawyers for its clients. Additionally, we help design and create internal mentoring programs. We develop customized training programs to fit the requirements of your firm. These tailored programs can include training on:

  • Understanding Client Business and Financial Drivers
  • Networking Effectively to Generate Business
  • Lawyer Branding to Generate Business
  • Effective Leadership

In-House Services:

WOMN LLC works with in-house legal departments on organizational optimization, team building, lawyers as leaders within the organization and the legal department as a business driver.

Personal Coaching/Mentoring:

Marla Persky provides personal coaching and mentoring to those who have become General Counsel for the first time and those who seek to become General Counsel in their next career move. Marla draws on her experiences as General Counsel for two multi-billion dollar international companies to help you create a disciplined, planned approach to your transition to the GC role and helps those seeking a GC role to network, brand and prospect in a manner that sets you apart from others.